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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 29, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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♪ now, this was the scene just minutes ago in castro valley where a federal police officer has been airlifted to a hospital after an accidental shooting at a gun range. >> the east bay regional park district say the police officer was wounded in the accidental shooting. apparently this happened within the past two hours and police are not providing a lot of details yet. >> the officer was taken to a
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nearby trauma center but we have not been told how serious his injury is. we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them both on air and online at >> a massive rally from fremont to oakland in a one-day protest over day-care issues. >> the 41 child care centers closed today for a demonstration saying they haven't been paid by the state since july 1st. >> theresa garcia joins us from fremont where families are saying we cannot live like this. theresa. >> absolutely not. they say that the -- families say that the state's subsidy allows them to be self-sufficient but without it where if the state cuts it out, there are hundreds of child care facilityings throughout the state and like this one behind me in fremont they may shut permanently. >> the chairs are stacked and the children's jackets hung neatly nay row but it's oddly quiet today at this child care facility in fremont.
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that's because one of california's largest state-funded child development agencies decided to close its 41 bay area centers as a one-day protest. that's more than 2500 children without day-care today. >> we've decided that action was needed because without a state budget, we might have to be shutting our doors down temporarily from november 15th and beyond. >> so the 450 employees plus parents and children gathered in fremont this morning to start a march to the bart station and then onward to the state building in oakland for a rally. they'll join ten other agencies protesting the possibility of legislators cutting or even eliminating child care. >> right now with the state budget crisis, many parents are terrified they're not going to be able to keep their jobs. without child care and without the ability to have their child care subsidy pay their provider, they can't go to work. >> she had relied on the state's help to send her daughter here
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for the last four years so these could work. she's not sure what to do if it closes. >> i'm scared. to stay home, change our life because of the bills, the grants and all this. >> kandago says it owes $6 million, it hasn't been paid since july 1st and credit reserves are running low plus banks are nervous. it's a life line parents say is critical to everyone's future. >> we're here to make a statement saying child care is what we need for parents to earn income and keep this economy growing. without it, there's nothing for our kids today. >> there are 700 state-funded agencies throughout california. the 30,000 employees who work there serve about a half million children. so without the state subsidies, you can only imagine how many jobs would be lost, not only of those providers but the children's parents as well. live in fremont, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks very much.
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a lot of talk but no action to complete the state budget 91 days overdue. state legislative leaders insist budget talks are still continuing at the state level. negotiations were called off though yesterday afternoon. a spokesman for the governor blamed union leaders for blocking pension reforms needed to solve the state's long-term financial problems. the two sides worked out a budget framework last week. >> the already financially hard-hit city of vallejo is taking a new hit this morning. 7-up is closing its bottling plant there. 9 jobs will be gone as of mid-october. the plant has been in operation for nearly 60 years. it's owned by a company that makes dr. pepper, snapple and 7-up. the worker will be picked up by a 7-up facility in san leandro and sacramento. a spokesperson says the consolidation is aimed at serving customers more effectively. >> explosive charges this morning against gubernatorial candidate meg whitman the day after her first debate with jerry brown.
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at this hour her former housekeeper is holding a news conference to make serious allegations while the candidate herself is on familiar ground in the silicon valley. terry? >> meg whitman arrived here a short time ago, not available to the press before the event. she will be after. her campaign is really ratcheting into high gear responding to charges when we don't even know what the charges are. take a look inside the auditorium at building 9 at the sysco campus where you can see it looks like a meg whitman event. we were told by cisco officials that this is a conversation with cisco employees and that jerry brown has been offered an invitation to have his own later. here's what we know, a nine-year former housekeeper of whitman is filing a lawsuit because of the way whitman allegedly treated her during those nine years.
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she is represented by an attorney that has represented many high profile women over the years. they said this woman said she was a legal resident, turned out not to be. let's take a look at the official campaign response. here it is. with the polls tied it comes as no surprise the morning after a successful debate that the sleaze machine at the political left is focussed on the politics of political destruction. she is a shameful manipulator and so close to the election it should serve to the warning of californians that they're looking at smears at their worst. it seems like it's got to be much more than what we were led to believe by the whitman campaign if there's going to be a lawsuit filed and they say there is. it has to be more about a woman said to be here legally, she was here illegally.
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meg whitman will be here talking to the media after this conference. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right, terry, thanks. we have break news from indonesia where officials say a 7.4 magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of indonesia. meteorological agencies say the shallow underwater quake has the potential to trigger a tsunami. the quake that struck just over 30 minutes ago was centered 15 miles beneath the ocean floor. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest on >> the state attorney general's office says it will appeal a federal judge's decision to halt the execution of convicted murderer and rapist albert brown. brown was scheduled to die tomorrow night at 9:00 but judge jeremy fogel has now issued a stay saying he wants more time to consider the state's new lethal injection procedures.
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the stay was issued after the judge was told to reconsider his position to allow the execution. the state has invited fogel to vilt the san quentin death chamber to clear up any questions. the state supply of one of the drugs expires on friday and the company that makes it says more will not be available for several months. that means if a higher court doesn't reverse fogel's decision, the state will be unable to execute brown until sometime next year. san francisco police are looking for a recent parolee in connection to a sexual assault and robbery. he has distinctive tattoos on his neck. he's wanted in connection with an attack that happened yesterday in the housing development where he lives with his grandmother. authorities don't know if the suspect is armed but may be using public transit to get around. if you see him please call 9-1-1. >> still ahead, the battlefield view of a frightening fire fight as u.s. marines are ak bushing
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in afghanistan. >> i'm jenelle wang live in the news room. full speed ahead for president obama as he tries to build momentum for democrats and slow down the republicans trying to take over the house in less than five weeks. >> and later on, a new warning ♪ you n "ñtake with you. u-verse now lets you download, watch hit tv shows and schedule recordings on your mobile phone.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. president obama is ratcheting up the rhetoric against republicans hoping to retain the democratic house
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majority in november. on the campaign trail in the midwest today, he says the gop has been dishonest about what it takes to revive the economy. jenelle with more. >> kristen, the republicans hope to transform americans' frustrations with the economy into more votes for them. so president obama is hitting the ground running with election day less than five weeks away. (applause) >> today another intimate backyard stop, another message. this time at a home in des moines, iowa. but the president's message is not without a small jab at the former republican administration. >> in the six months before i was sworn in, we lost 4 million jobs. but we had to take a number of emergency measures. we stepped in and we stopped the bleeding. now the economy is growing again. we've had private sector job growth for the last eight months. >> while the president generates enthusiasm in backyards and college campuses across the country, the republicans are not
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letting up. >> the democratic leaders leap down without stopping the tax increases, they're turning their backs on the american people. >> recent polls show the energy is largely on the republican side. >> enthusiasm gap that exists between republican voters and democratic voters is astounding. >> but the gap is closing. tomorrow the president meets with top congressional democrats for one last strategy session before lawmakers hit the road and campaign for re-election. the republicans need 39 seats to take the house and polls show they are nearly there. both sides plan to campaign hard all the way up to midterm elections on november 2nd. reporting live, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you. u.s. officials say a senior nato air strike killed a senior al-queda commander in even afghanistan today. (gunfire) >> the pentagon says no marines were wounded when a patrol came under attack by the taliban west
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of the afghan capital of kabul. they were conducting a sweep when insurgents opened fire from two directions. the marines returned fire and called for backup including an unmanned drone. the taliban eventually retreated. right now following breaking news just in from san jose where investigators say a mailman has been attacked by a pitbull. it happened around 10:40 this morning on the 5,000 block of camden avenue. we have no word how serious the mailman's injuries are. firefighters are on the scene. but animal control officers are still trying to get there. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more online and online on as we get it. >> in the meantime meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast which is kind of cooling up a little. >> a little bit. some areas more and some not so much yet. you have to wait another day or so. show you what's going on. from ballmer peak, the mid-80s back to san francisco. you can't quite see clouds developing along the coast as the sea breeze starts to move
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in. that's when we'll cool off. i'll tell when you it gets to your neighborhood. >> and how did it happen and who did it? the mystery of a dead bear found outside an east bay market. >> and a blunder from down under. a big mistake on live television where the host was naming the winner of a reality show.
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because
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i recommend using polident and soak every day. it's the right way to go. ♪ and the next top model! i have bad news. this is not -- a complete accident, i'm so sorry. it's amanda, i'm so sorry. >> yeah, she is so sorry. but there's no re-dos on live tv. a tv host made a big mistake when announcing the winner of australia's next model. the first announced kelsey celebrated her win only to have it taken away and amanda wearing the red dress was actually the winner. the show says there was a miscommunication between the broadcast truck and the stage. kelsey seemed to take it all in stride saying she was fine and
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it was an honest mistake. she says it was fed to her ear wrong. >> how embarrassing. you don't get to go back on that one. i've said things on live tv unfortunatelily. take it back, please! >> mike's here and he is precise. >> i'm trying to be. reality tv. let's see if i can get this correct. show you what's going on. won't be quite as hot today but i say that because, yeah, it will be cooler if you will but still going to be hot in a lot of areas. downtown san francisco. look at all the sunshine. i'm starting to see signs of the sea breeze picking up the area flags. kind of blowing and then going limps. from emeryville to san francisco and clouds way off to the distance. multiple layers of the atmosphere moving in multiple
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directions. we have an offshore flow but you can see the sea breeze trying to undercut it and move into the coast and san francisco. it definitely hit the coast. look at these temperatures. 9 degrees cooler in half moon bay, 14 san francisco, 7 novato but pretty much everybody else is close to where we were yesterday. so it's near the coast into san francisco where we're going to see the most cooling today. 57 half moon bay to 70 san francisco. oakland, redwood city, los gatos, san rafael, napa still in the 70s while everybody else is already in the 80s. monterey bay you see the cooler weather. santa cruz and monterey mid-60s. 85 with sunshine if gilroy. coastal clouds by tonight mostly clear around the bay. some of those clouds will try to sneak in the bay. the cooling trend we see hit the coast will move into the rest of our neighborhoods tomorrow and into friday. the area of low pressure that's spinning that upper level moisture towards us, unfortunately this cold front if you don't like the hot weather
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is going to our north. we'll focus on the high clouds today and on the low clouds kind of coming in and undercutting the coast and the bay. the rest of us start in the south bay. still sunshine, still upper 80s sunnyvale and milpitas. maybe get up to 98 los gatos. on the peninsula mid to upper 80s from millbrae, san mateo and menlo park. 90 and los altos but go the other sides near 70 in the sunset. 80 downtown to 82 south san francisco and sausalito. 88 san rafael and low to mid-90s to the north bay valleys but mid to upper 60s at your beaches. mid to upper 80s throughout the east bay shore. may hit 90 castro valley and fremont. 79 santa cruz, about 68 monterey. fresno still pretty hot. l.a. down to 89. one last stop, we are two games up on the padres and a game with
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the d-backs tonight. 7:15 first pitch. 70 to 74. pretty comfortable at at&t park. tomorrow we drop about 5 to 10 degreeses you see the cooling move inland. the biggest drop over the weekend where we drop another 5 to 10 degrees. >> thanks, mike. >> the department of fish and game is investigating the mysterious shooting of a 300 pound bear found dead outside a neighborhood grocery in san leandro. the animal was likely shot someplace else and left on the sidewalk outside the market sunday night on foothill boulevard. stores were open at the time and customers were shocked to know that somebody would just dump a bear there. >> you think maybe he'd find an open field or something somewhere else, right? but right here in front of the man's liquor store? kind of a shame. >> feels really weird knowing that someone would just drop a dead bear off and not tell anyone, say anything to anyone. >> the county sheriff's office
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says a witness reported seeing a white pickup truck leaving the bear's body in front of the deli and then speeding away. california is in the middle of bear hunting season but park officials say black bears do not live in the east bay. >> a big warning today for parents with newborns. the federal government says stop using infant sleep positioners. they're designed to keep babies on their backs but 12 babies died in the past 13 years suffocated trapped between the side of a crib. it's safer to be put on their backs to prevent sudden infant death syndrome but, again, the g. is warning don't use these positioners. >> former president carter will stay another night in the hospital for an upset stomach. the 85-year-old carter is in good spirits and looks forward to getting back to his busy schedule. she says the former president was fully alert and participating in all
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decision-making relating to his hospital care. he's in ohio to promote his new book. >> top honors for one >> all new. oprah: they make me just l-o-l. the cast of -- >> "modern family." then, they're a real modern family with a big ole' twist. oprah: what? the mom who "fathered" her own children. you can see
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>> today on oprah the cast of the hit abc comedy modern family. at 5:00, what's behind those allegations from meg whitman's former housekeeper. we'll hear from her with her attorney. plus how doctors are finding a way to preserve a woman's fertility. we'll have those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> finally this morning, a special commemoration today for a hero cop. the highway patrol handed out
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commission award for canines. helped capture an armed man who led police from emeryville to the city streets of oakland last january. the suspect ditched his car. he was trying to make a break to his west oakland home when dash chased him down until the fellow officers arrived. >> holding him, saying i'm cool. when's dinner. >> all in a day's work. >> cool. mike, can we get there? >> maybe as early as tonight. the overnight lows. a lot of mid to upper 50s around bait and into the north bay. we have the low to mid-60s as you head down both the bay shore into the south bay and also the east bay valleys. tomorrow we'll see more significant cooling, especially inland. >> all right, mike. thanks very much. >> that's it for now. thanks for joining us.
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